VideoMonitor Support & Contacts
If you need assistance with VideoMonitor, the following resources are available:

Click here to view the VideoMonitor FAQ.

If you are experiencing difficulty with VideoMonitor, please ensure that your video capture device (webcam or similar) is in good working order, and that all drivers have been installed and are working correctly. If possible, test your camera using the software that came with the camera at the time of purchase.

Support & Contacts

Please read the VideoMonitor FAQ to determine if your problem has already been addressed. Most problems can be solved by reading the FAQ.

If you believe you have found a bug in VideoMonitor, please write to us to file a bug report. We will afford a free license as a gift.

Please be sure to have the following information ready:

  • Product name and version
  • Windows operating system (2000, XP - Home, Professional or Server, Vista - Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, Business or Enterprise Edition)
  • Internet connection type (Modem, DSL, cable, internal LAN, etc.
  • Any extra network details (about firewalls, routers, dynamic IP addresses, etc.)

Product Purchasing & Customer Assistance
Any questions on sales, purchase, registration codes, new release, upgrade etc, please write to

Product Inquiries & Technical Support
Any inquiries or problems related to technical support, use of product etc, please contact our support team at

Besides, we offer special contact emails to those who want to join in our affiliate program or make cooperation with us to make sure your emails will reach the right person who takes care of this issue.

Affiliate Program
Any site is welcome to join in our Affiliate Program. If you have any questions, please write to For details about this program, please visit our affiliate page at

Cooperation Bay is active to broaden the methods of distributing our software and to make cooperation with any company that would like to resell or OEM our software as well as to start cooperation in other legal manners. For this kind of issue, please write to:

Bug Report
Finding where our software is short in is the best way to perfect it as well as to guide us. If you found any bug in using our software, please report it to our support team directly at which we check daily.

All your request will be replied within 2 business days!

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