3.8. Instant Messaging

Use instant messaging for motion notifications
If enabled, VideoMonitor can automatically send you an instant message (via MSN, ICQ, AIM, or Yahoo!, depending on your Jabber server) when motion is detected on your camera.

This feature requires that you have a valid, pre-configured Jabber account on a working Jabber server to use with VideoMonitor. For more information about Jabber, please see http://www.jabber.org.

Jabber username/Password
Specifies the username and password used to login to your Jabber account.

Jabber server/Port
Specifies the hostname and port of your Jabber server.

Specifies the resource to use when logging in to your Jabber server. If you don't know what this is, you don't need to change it.

When motion is detected, send instant message to this JID
If enabled, VideoMonitor will automatically send an instant message to the specified JabberID when motion is detected on your camera.

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