3.7. FTP
Upload snapshots to FTP server
If enabled, VideoMonitor can automatically upload snapshots to your FTP server (if you have one).

Include timed snapshots
If enabled, your "timed snapshots" will be uploaded to your FTP server.

Include motion snapshots
If enabled, the snapshots triggered by your motion detector will be uploaded to your FTP server.

FTP server
Specifies the hostname for your FTP server.

Specifies the port on which your FTP server listens; usually 21.

Specifies the username/password required to login to your FTP server.

Upload folder
Specifies the folder (on your FTP server, not on your own computer) to which snapshots should be uploaded.

Image filename
Specifies the filename to which snapshots should be saved. If you want to include a timestamp in the filename, you can use the following codes in the snapshot filename:

%D - current day
%M - current month
%Y - current year
%h - current hour
%m - current minute
%s - current second
%i - current millisecond

Try to remain connected
If enabled, VideoMonitor will attempt to remain connected to your FTP server in between image uploads. If disabled, VideoMonitor will reconnect to the FTP server for each upload.

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