3.4. Caption
Add caption(s) to snapshot images
If enabled, VideoMonitor can print a custom caption on all snapshots it saves.

Specifies the caption to display on the snapshot. You can display up to 2 captions on each snapshot image.

Specifies where, on the image, the caption is displayed. (For example, setting the location to 'Bottom Left' will display the caption in the lower-lefthand corner of the snapshot image).

Controls the font for the captions printed on the image.

Margin width/Margin Height
Controls how close the caption is printed to the edge of the image. Increasing the margin moves the text further away from the edge of the image. A margin of "0" will result in printing the image at the very edge of the image.

Emboss caption
If enabled, the caption text will appear "raised" or "embossed" on the image.

Use background color under caption
If enabled, VideoMonitor will draw the caption on top of a colored background (rather than directly on the snapshot). Click the color box to choose the background color.

Use translucent background
If enabled, the background color will be partially transparent, allowing the snapshot image to be partially visible through the background. This results in a "tinting" effect. You can control how transparent the background appears using the "xx% tint" field.

Background extends full width of image
If enabled, the background color will extend from the left edge of the image to the right edge. If disabled, the background color will be displayed only behind the text.

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