3.3. Capture
Automatically take snapshots...
If enabled, VideoMonitor will automatically take a snapshot from your camera at the specified time interval. You can then use this snapshot with various other VideoMonitor features (such as FTP upload, HTTP publishing, etc.)

Snapshot Filename
Controls the path and filename for the automatically saved snapshot. If you want to include a timestamp in the filename, you can use the following codes in the snapshot filename:

%D - current day
%M - current month
%Y - current year
%h - current hour
%m - current minute
%s - current second
%i - current millisecond

Snapshot image quality
Controls the quality of snapshot images saved by VideoMonitor. Higher quality images look much better, but require much more disk space. Conversely, smaller images may look "fuzzier" or "blurry", but will require far less disk space.

Use progressive encoding
Enables progressive JPEG encoding. If you do not know what this is, you do not need it.

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