2.2. Initial Setup
The first time you run VideoMonitor, the VideoMonitor Setup wizard will appear. Simply follow the instructions to setup your webcam and prepare VideoMonitor for use. The installation steps include:

1) Configuring the Video Source

The first step of the wizard is to confiure the Video Source (eg: selecting your webcam). The procedure for configuring the webcam will be different depending on your make/model of webcam, and the version of Windows you're using.

In most cases, you will be presented with a window containing several tabs. Simply find the tab that allows you to select your "Video Source" or "Capture Source", and choose your webcam from the list.

2) Configuring the Video Format

Again, this procedure will differ depending on your make/model of camera, and your version of Windows. In most cases, you will be presented with a page asking for the "Resolution" and "Pixel depth" or "Bit depth".

In general, setting a higher resolution will result in more detailed images; however, this may also require more processing power (and thus a faster computer).

Your "Pixel depth" or "Bit depth" must be set to "24 bit" or "RGB 24". VideoMonitor will not work with any other bit depths.

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