1.2. Feature Overview
VideoMonitor is one of the most comprehensive webcam applications available. Its feature set includes:
  • Video
    • Live video preview
    • Snapshot history to review the last few snapshots
  • Snapshot Publishing
    • Support for automatic snapshots at regular time intervals
    • Support for uploading snapshots to a remote FTP server
    • Built-in, password-protectable webserver to setup your own webcam mini-website on your own computer
  • Image Processing
    • Captioning support, with complete position/font/color/effects support including transparency
    • Support for smooth, crisp snaphot image resizing (bicubic/bilinear interpolation)
    • Image enhancement features including sharpening and smoothing filters
    • Color enhancement features including color balance, brightness, and contrast
  • Motion Detection
    • Advanced, highly-configurable motion detection system
    • Motion notifications via snapshot, audible sound, or external program execution
    • Instant messaging support - receive an instant message over the Internet when motion is detected!

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